//What’s the value of abs control?

What’s the value of abs control?

When it comes to choosing which body parts to improve, you might choose to go for more showier areas, you know, like the chest, shoulders and even arms. The abdominal area is often neglected and only noticed when summer comes when it’s socially acceptable to walk around the streets shirtless and flaunt your hard-earned body.

But guess what—it’s almost summer. And guess what, you shouldn’t underestimate the abdominal region’s value in bodybuilding and sport.

Here’s the truth, most ladies love a man’s well-developed midsection—shockingly even more than your triceps or capped delts. What’s more, a strong midsection and core are imperative for stabilizing your torso as you go about doing lifts and other sports activities. Translation, correct form and less chances of injuries.

With that said, here’s the ultimate guide to getting a rock-hard abs to help you out.

# 1: Breathe 

This is vital but most often unnoticed: breathing.  When you do ab-exercises you should identify how to inhale every time the rep relaxes and exhale as your muscles contract and perform a heavy stunt. Focus on making this pattern as normal and reflexive as possible.

# 2: Set your pace

You see people fly through their sets while others take their time finishing each—which of these groups employ the right technique?

Answer: while there may be no hard and fast answers but we do recommend that you learn to mix it up. As long as you maintain proper form and you’re not letting momentum take over, you can take your reps as fast or as slow as you can. However, for reference, faster reps have been linked to an increased amount of muscle fiber activity in your rectus abdominis and oblique which means that this allows you to develop your midsection better.

# 3: Determine how often you should train your abdominal section

Studies suggest that the amount of muscle recuperation ranges from 36 to 48 hours. Remember to take a break every 48 hours or so to keep your health at optimal levels.